How to Resize and Save Photo Using Photoscape

At first time using software, we must learn how to use it. At photo editor software, at first time, we learn how to open a file of photo or image. You can learn at here and how to create antique photo.

Now we'll learn how to resize it and how to save it. May be in this case, every one could do. Because this step is very easier. All you can do only find resize and save button, and then click it, right?

However we'll show with picture in this tutorial.
1. After Open the file or editing photo like in this page may be you want to resize the photo. Because if our photos still big and want to upload and share, it would take time more longer. Now click Resize button at bottom.
Resize button
2. a.New window will appear. Check the aspect ratio. If not check it, you'll only resize height or width. Or you can scroll the Ratio. It's more easy to use if you don't want more spesicific widhth and height.
  b. But if you choose right arrow ati riseze button, it would be like this.
Choose right arrow Resize
It would be easier if you need specific size.
4. After resize, you could save it. Find save button at bottom right corner.
Save button
5. New window will appear like this.
There are three choice that you can choose
6. After that you can set the quality of the photo or image.
JPEG Quality

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